Ernie Nickel's Artwork


sample sculpture
sample sculpture

Ernie Nickels practiced architecture and landscape architecture for more than 30 years after graduating from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Architecture. Now he has turned to the freedom of the world of art with his works of sculpture and free-hand sketches.

The common denominator of architecture, landscape architecture and art is the combining of form, texture, color, composition, play of light, space, scale, and balance with functionality and beauty. Ernie’s pieces are best appreciated surrounded by nature in a patio or garden, or as a surprise focal point in interior spaces.

The creation of art involves not only the control and knowledge of the functions of the tools used but also the nature of the material. The artist/designer is an inventor, creating new combinations of forms in space that often cannot be described in words.

Past commissions include award winning architectural and landscape design projects. Sculpture commissions include a memorial sculpture for a small church park; a private residential sculpture garden; and corporate exterior sculpture and conference room table.

Art Shows:

  • Arizona State University, Memorial Union Display, October 1993
  • City of Tempe 125th Anniversary Celebration, Kiwanis Park, September 1996
  • International Council Shopping Centers, Arizona Biltmore Hotel, December 1996, 1997
  • Cobre Valley Arts Center, March 1998
  • Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, Art with Heart, January 2009 to present
  • Tempe Artists Guild and City of Tempe Peterson House Arts Festival, March 2009